Sunday, October 19, 2008

5 Tips To Win Money at Blackjack - Win Over 65% Of All Hands

Casinos today offer some of the most competitive games available today. Blackjack is just one of the most historically famous and most played card games that takes a masterful understanding to win big. Am I asking those beginning or advanced players to go as far as counting cards of resorting to other cheap tricks to gain the house edge? No, not at all. But what I'm offering is an opportunity to learn some of the most basic plays that will give the player a 65% winning hand advantage over the house. Let's use some easy to understand basic math, play 100 hands and win 65 of them. Make the same exact bets for each, and by the end of the run, you're ahead! Sound's so nice, but what's involved to get there? It's so simple and effortless, however, one must gain control of the emotions to take full advantage of these sensible moves at the blackjack table. Here are the five best tactics to use to win over half of your hands:

Tip#1-This is easy, and it's a no-brainer. Play tables that offer only a one deck game. Stay away from the multi-deck shoes as these give the house a huge advantage. Your winning percentage literally drops to about 30% edge, not a smart way to approach the game. The tables get turned, with the richer concentration of face cards, the house easily attains 17-21's almost 75% of the time. And with that richer concentration, the player attains more busts or 12-16 hands frequently. Stay away from these at all costs.

Tip#2-Keep the betting consistant. Don't waver your bets with every hand. To take advantage of a winning hand percentage, keep the bets close by within 5-10 dollars each time. When your pot is running low, don't make the emotional chase bets to try and make up the losses. Gain control of your play and keep it steady. Like most slot machines, blackjack offers a 96% payback to even. So when the action gets hot and you're losing control, take a quick 15 minute break and rest your thinking for the next session.

Tip#3-Don't bet a double down or split high pairs unless absolutely necessary. If the house has 3's-6's showing, that would be a smart move to play and more than likely you'll win 80% of those doubles or splits. Don't split face cards because they're almost a sure win. Split all aces when you get them. And don't split or double when the dealer is showing high cards. It's again all basic blackjack but you would be surprised at how many players stray away from this basic strategy when they're not thinking clearly.

Tip#4-Play a hot table! Examine hot tables by playing into the emotions and psychology of other players. Also take the time to examine a running 3 play session and try to get an understanding of the win to loss ratio of each player. It's not illegal but you're using this as a tool to find out which tables are sure bets.

Tip#5-And finally, don't be afraid to play one on one with the dealer. Not that it's a bad thing to play with a full table of players. But the more frequently a dealer has to shuffle, the easier it is to quickly turn the tide to the house's advantage. The change in the winning percentage is only about a 1-5% decrease but every little winning edge makes the difference in this game.

With these winning blackjack strategies, I've been able to achieve wins consistantly with over half the hands played. Additionally, it's important to know that these tips take patience and emotional control. Blackjack is not a patient game by nature and the common tendency for most players is instant gratification. As great as that is, I would much rather win five hundred over the course of 5-6 hours than try to make it happen with careless high bets and irrational playmaking in a short period of time. Just consider all these plays and think how fun it can be to leave a casino a winner every single time. In closing, this IS a game everyone can win every single time. Please play responsibly.

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