Friday, October 2, 2009

Top 5 Worst Video Slot Machines Of All Time - Sure Fire Bet To Lose!

Slot machine manufacturers are without their faults. In the growing popularity of video slot machines and what they do for increasing the fun factor in the casinos, there was bound to be some misses. The short list of slot machines described certainly makes the hall of shame. So without further ado, here are the top five cream of the crap video slot machines.

5.Elephant King (IGT)-This was one of the original machines to arrive during the video slot boom of the late 1990's. At the time, Elephant King was a favorite among players for it's easy to understand game play. In fact, it was a little too elementary, the game featured 9 lines of uninspired graphics and cumbersome music to combine for one of the worst that IGT had to offer. Aside from the way the game played, the bonus was not as thrilling as it indicates. Three scattered elephant symbols along the middle three reels got players three free spins. Free spins are cool, but not in this game as most folks never won over twenty or thirty dollars off a max bet. And that's even on a nickel machine! Nice stepping stone IGT, good thing you didn't make that Elephant King II.

4.Hoot Loot (IGT)-Not a terrible game by all means, but let's examine why this could be one of the most forgettable machines to exist. First the lack of any sort of exciting bonus feature. Sure, attain three safe symbols on the first, third, and fifth reels and you get to choose one of those safes. Most of the time it doesn't pay very well and your bonus is done within seconds. Secondly, it has probably one of the worst payback percentages of all time. Could it be because of that extra bonus line at the bottom that promises huge wins if you actually land something? Hence, you'll be pulling your hair out as you try to get a decent line win, avoid this machine at all costs.

3.Twice Your Monkey (IGT)-The first time I played this beast, I was in a bachelor party and figured to give it a try. I played for a solid fifteen minutes and so it occured to me that it has no bonus feature!! Are you kidding?!?! No up to date video slot machine has no bonuses. I did enjoy the occasional wild symbol, but with the low line maximum, it was insubstantial to make this one exciting and generous. I'll take Twin Win slots anyday as a machine that has a much more clever dynamic even though it lacks a bonus. I wouldn't personally waste much time on this flop.

2.50,000 Pyramid Video Slots (IGT)-Dick Clark makes a great host on any game show or even slot machine. But to have this hit game show from the 80's back in the form of a gambling device is simply scary. It was tough enough to get all the questions right and get the completed pyramid on the game show, but to choose the right pyramid symbols among 50 tiles in the bonus is simply insane! There were progressive type pyramid slots, and the thrill of choosing the bonus tiles would have made sense. But other than that, it seems IGT never took the time to spice up the graphics engine. It was a game created by twelve year olds that have eaten one too many bowls of cookie crisp.

1.Any Bally's Video Slots of the 90's-Lucky for most folks, there are no more of these puppies in any casino anywhere. And to be honest, Bally doesn't really make anymore video slots for our market. And a good thing too! We all had dreams of Popeye and Betty Boop taking our hard earned dollars. Said graphics are just bad, and the choppy movement of the reels is enough to make us go blind! Bonus levels either left you hanging in the dust or just wondering if it was worth the trouble to play them. If you are unfortunate enough to come across one of these beauties, quickly make an exit out the front door. You'll thank me later and so will your bank account!

Have any other flops out there that you would recommend? I would love to hear them! And if you have played any of the machines on my list and have done well, I would also like to hear about those accounts as well. Thank you for all of your support and keep an eye out for more of my gaming articles.

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Wendy said...

I won over 100.00 at a Henderson NV Casino 2 days ago playing Lotus Flower.
Went into bonus round totalled up 40 spins and got 101.00 on my 35th spin Yahoo! I was betting all 20 line at 2 cents per line = 40 cents.
Total on Machine after Bonus was 148.00 minus the 10.00 I first put in Machine.